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Avalanche Courses are open

Posted by Spoon on 29 April 2015 | 1862 Comments


Make sure you have a safe and memorable alpine experience this winter. Independent Mountain Guides is now offering a one day Avalanche Course for learning all the essentials on avalanche safety and survival.

The course is aimed at skiers, snowboarders, climbers, alpinists and hikers who want to know who to safely experience the back country. 

Contact us to reserve a booking.

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  • Sebab-Akibat

    Posted by harga Plat besi, 02/10/2017 8:11pm (2 months ago)

  • , penulis membandingkan mesin dengan alam semesta

    Posted by harga besi h beam, 02/10/2017 8:10pm (2 months ago)

  • Dalam paragraf di atas

    Posted by harga besi wf, 02/10/2017 8:09pm (2 months ago)

  • . Mesin saja ada penciptanya,

    Posted by harga wiremesh, 02/10/2017 8:09pm (2 months ago)

  • yakni manusia sehingga penulis berkesimpulan

    Posted by harga besi unp, 02/10/2017 8:08pm (2 months ago)

  • bahwa alam pun pasti ada pula penciptanya.

    Posted by harga besi hollow, 02/10/2017 8:08pm (2 months ago)

  • Jika manusia sangat sayang pada ciptaannya itu,

    Posted by harga besi hollow, 02/10/2017 8:07pm (2 months ago)

  • tentu demikian pula dengan Tuhan sebagai pencipta alam. Dia pasti sangat sayang kepada ciptaan-ciptaan-Nya itu.

    Posted by harga besi beton Sni Ulir Polos, 02/10/2017 8:06pm (2 months ago)

  • Tidakkah alam yang Mahabesar dan beredar rapi

    Posted by undangan pernikahan simple, 02/10/2017 8:05pm (2 months ago)

  • Mesin rumit itu ada penciptanya, yaitu manusia.

    Posted by undangan pernikahan islami, 02/10/2017 8:04pm (2 months ago)

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