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Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand

Backcountry Equipment Checklist

Essential Equipment and Clothing for multi day Ski and/or Snowboarding Tour
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Touring Equipment Check list

  • skis,boots and poles
  • OR snow board, snowshoes and poles
  • skins
  • shovel
  • avalanche transceiver
  • avalanche¬†probe
  • snow safety beacon
  • personal first aid kit/repair kit
  • water bottle/flask >2 litres
  • headlamp/batteries/spare bulb
  • suncream and lipsalve
  • mug, plate fork knife and spoon
  • camera/film
  • sunglasses and ski goggles
  • washing gear
  • notebook/pencil
  • sleeping bag / thermarest / bivvy bag
  • ipod /book
  • pack > 60 litres

Clothing Check list

  • three pairs of socks
  • one pair of polypro longjohns
  • skipants or snowboardpants or fleece pants
  • weather proof overtrousers
  • polypro singlet with longsleeves and or roll top
  • very warm fleece jacket
  • lightweight down jacket
  • weatherproof parka
  • warm wool or fleece hat
  • ball cap and anti sun scarf
  • hut booties optional
  • one pair of polypro gloves,
  • one pair of ski/snowboard gloves,¬†
  • one spare pair of warm gloves

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