Independent Mountain Guides

Queenstown, South Island, New Zealand

Mountaincraft Courses

Safety in the Mountains in paramount. If you intend to go backcountry touring you need to learn an Avalanche Safety Course. Learn about decisive decision making, the systematic approach, the use of avalanche transceivers.

Alpine Mountaineering skills are essential for climbing peaks and important while exploring the apline backcountry. Learn self arresting, cutting steps, cramponing, ice axe use, snow anchors, rope management, belaying, prussicking, abseiling, and moving together whilst roped up.

One Day Avalanche Course

Independent Mountain Guides is providing a *One Day Avalanche CourseĀ in Queenstown* to learn first hand about backcountry safety.

Weekend Mountaincraft Courses

2 days of basic alpine skills training. This if for the budget wannabee mountaineer.

Winter Mountaineering Skills 5 Days

5 Day Winter Alpine Skills Programme

5 Day Ice Climbing Seminar

Five days of technical ice climbing on some of the most accessible frozen waterfalls in New Zealand .This is the vertical playground for first time ice climbers to hone their skills in a winter environment. You may be a rockclimber of some merit and wish to experience the pleasure of really steep ice one hour from the car!!!!!

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